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Proud Moments

3 little girls who started the year with no English discuss their work in English and with confidence. These moments are what make teaching in an international school special.

Germany Educational Trip 2019

Today we welcomed headteachers and educational professionals from Hong Kong to our school. We introduced King's Group, British education and our school. We talked about proffessional collaboration between international schools.

How to Start the Day

We started the day by using the interactive whiteboard. The children collaborated on interactive storyboards and artwork, providing an opportunity to allow for creative flow to be coupled with the understanding of IT and how to work as a team. Teaching children interactively and letting them work together is the best way to kick off the day.

KS1 at the Garden Centre

Our Key Stage 1 pupils enjoyed a trip to the garden centre, came back and made us a beautiful garden! They made some great choices in flowers and arranged them independently. We look forward to seeing the various plants grow.

Mini Medics in Action

All of our KS2 pupils received first aid training from Tineke Training this week. All learnt about what to do in an emergency, how to help someone who is choking and CPR. All the children really enjoyed the course. 

Happy Diwali!

We had a wonderful time celebrating with lights and colour at King’s College Frankfurt.

At KCF we learn about the customs and traditions of all of our pupils. As an international school we are proud to celebrate with each of our children!

When the drone came to school!

The children had an amazing Friday afternoon as the new marketing video was filmed by a drone. The children learnt all about how it worked, loved watching it fly high above the school and were amazed by the videos of our beautiful campus and the surrounding area. We are all looking forward to the release…