Building the whole individual


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC) is a strong feature in all sections of the school. We aim to foster positive values and respect and ensure that pupils play an important role in their community. SMSC is evident in all areas of the curriculum and also in extracurricular activities such as fundraising, invitations to guest speakers, educational visits and a wide range of events and activities designed to enhance the work of the classroom. The Spiritual dimension of our work can be seen through display around the school through pupils’ artwork in public areas and our excellent music and drama productions.


Moral development is exemplified by the very good behaviour of our pupils and

their understanding of right and wrong.


Pupils have a strong sense of their own identity, they show respect for themselves and others and we pride ourselves on the excellent relationships between all members of the school community. A caring attitude and a sense of social responsibility are encouraged at all levels. Our fundraising activities and support of local and international charities raise awareness of moral and social issues, focusing pupils’ attention on the needs of others less fortunate.

Cultural development is aided by having a school community drawn from many different backgrounds, in which language, customs and traditions vary considerably but are all part of the same community.

Currently, students of many nationalities are attending King’s College schools, therefore a variety of religious faiths and denominations are represented. The school is proud of this diversity.

Christian values, ethical and moral, guide human relationships at the school and our teaching includes Christian Faith from an ecumenical point of view.

However students belonging to other faiths are free not to attend lessons or celebrations of a Christian nature, if their parents so request.