Q: Which curriculum does the school follow?
A:The National Curriculum of England & Wales


Q: What examinations do students take at the school?
A: (I)GCSE & A Level


Q: Are the teachers British?
A: All academic staff teaching the English National Curriculum are qualified British teachers, with the exception of some of the language teachers, who are native speakers.


Q: How can parents get involved at King’s College?
A: Parents are an important part of College life. As well as meeting teachers regularly to discuss your child’s academic and social progress you will also be invited to a wide range of social events. These include concerts, plays, sports days, coffee mornings and fetes. Parents can meet one another, make new friends and talk to teachers. When your child starts at King’s College your whole family joins the King’s College community.


Q: Where do students go after finishing university?
A: Students who finish their education at King’s College enter universities all over the world. In the past, the majority of our Alumni have entered UK universities and a considerable number have been admitted to top institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College and LSE. Other prestigious universities have entered include Durham, St. Andrew’s, Edinburgh, Manchester and numerous colleges belonging to the University of London. However, many of our students also opt to attend local universities in their country of origin or study, while others have decided to continue their higher education in other parts of the world and have gained entry to universities in the USA (Boston College, Harvard, MIT, New York, Princeton and Rutgers), Canada (McGill, Dalhousie, University of Toronto and Waterloo), France (Sorbonne) and Japan (Aoyama, ICU, Keio, Sofia, Tokyo, Tsukubu and Waseda), as well as in Australia, Chile, Korea,Turkey, Venezuela, etc. Studying A Levels offers our students access to universities anywhere in the world.


Q: How do I go about applying for a place for my child?
A: The first step in the admissions process is to send in an enquiry form or by contacting the Admissions Department directly. The procedures for admission vary slightly according to the age of the candidate (please see Entry Requirements).


Q: Does King’s College accept pupils with little or no English?
A: We take children with no English between the ages of 2 and 4.For a limited number of Primary pupils between the ages of 5 and 14, we offer an “Induction English” programme. This is a special course for non-English speaking newcomers of proven academic ability, whose entry to King’s College would not otherwise be possible.They receive intensive English classes in very small groups and individual support is provided in mainstream lessons. From the age of 10 onwards new pupils must have a high level of English to enter the school.